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Auto Dialer Software will save you money and yet delivering the results that you deserve.

Our multi-tenant Auto dialer software used for auto-dialling your contacts then playing pre-recorded or text to speech messages, then capturing responses with DTMF touch tones and transferring contacts to a live agent in your call center. DialerAI auto-dialer software has a number of features to enhance the efficiency of auto-dialing including answering machine detection (AMD) and the ability to drop a different message in after the beep and DNC (Do Not Call) functionality.

First Pitch auto dialer software is not only for marketeers but also for a range of other roles including:

  • Reverse Emergency Notification Service for emergency notification messages.
  • Outbound Call Conferencing, joining people together in the same conference.
  • Political Polling and campaigning
  • Appointment Reminders with confirmation
  • Debt control to contact debtors with overdue accounts
  • Market Research using phone polling for opinions and views.
  • You need the best service in the market that competition is so fierce so give The First Pitch a chance to help your business.


Some features that DialerAI’s auto dialer software employs both for efficient calling and for legal compliance:

  • Answering Machine Detection (AMD)
  • DNC (do not call) to allow a contact to be removed from the contact list, and not to be called in future campaigns.
  • Automatic retries to call the contact again if the call is not answered, or is unobtainable.
  • Text to Speech to play custom messages to your contacts
  • Call until confirm, keep calling until you get a response
  • Web based, no software to install can be used from any web enabled device.
  • Comprehensive reporting for statistics and compliance

Auto Dialer software works for any company that needs to contact thousands or millions of people in a short space of time, but is most popular for live lead generation where a contact is called, a pre-recorded message played explaining the proposition then inviting the potential customer to respond using their keypad.

Our auto dialer software can react to the keypress, typically those doing live lead generation either get their potential customers to register their interest and call them back or are can be transferred directly to an agent

  • Community Notifications: Less serious notification
  • Live Lead Generation: An effective lead generation tool, where the contact is prompted to “Press 1” to talk to a live agent.

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Our auto dialer software is versatile and flexible so that marketeers and organisations can increase their productivity and streamline their calling operations calling millions of people in a short pace of time with your sales message, discovering who is interested so your sales force can focus on warm leads whether as a result of a press one transfer or a targeted call back campaign.


The system may be installed and used by either companies who wish to make calls on their own behalf, or by SaaS (Software as a Service) companies that want to provide bulk dialling facilities to their own customers. The system is loaded up with a list of telephone numbers that can be dialled sequentially at very high rates of calling depending on carrier capacity and hardware, potentially delivering many millions of calls per day.



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