Artificial Intelligence in Sale

At The First Pitch Group we use AI to get to know you and your ideal client, cutting out the hard work and taking you straight to the leads that matter.
And the more you use it, the more our clever machine learns about you and your target audience; constantly improving to deliver to you the best tailored leads for your business.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to make its way into the world, influencing popular culture  and becoming a disruptor in a variety of industries. From customer service chatbots to extremely sophisticated autopilot driving machines, artificial intelligence is undoubtedly making an impact on everything around us. And marketers have the opportunity to make AI work for them.  To understand how AI impacts our marketing world, we need to know the language of AI and have a basic understanding of how it works. We use the AI for our lead generation and sales. We can qualify the leads and in today's world with bad attitude of some sales people, most people prefer to be served by machines. 

Chatbots (bots)

Data Mining

Robotic Process Automation

Enabling Data-Driven Management

Compared to humans, AI is able to crunch numbers, identify patterns, and make faster data-driven decisions. With the ability to process large amounts of data and spit out trend directions and actionable advice, this application of artificial intelligence can be a vital tool for any manager looking for some quantitative support in their decision-making

Raising Your Boss Game

AI can help managers improve team dynamics by giving more timely feedback to team members and improving team accountability. With the use of natural language processing and chatbots, AI can identify who needs positive feedback end of week and let the manager know or even provide the feedback; it can also highlight who needs more coaching and prepare a fact-filled one-on-one meeting .

What we’re trying to do is to give companies — now mainly retailers — real value through data and scientific software. So it’s about bringing science into economy but hiding the complexity and trying to build applications that are end-to-end applications for real problems that people have in business.

You can use predictive analytics to predict customer behavior in the near future based on recent behavior. This stage essentially finds the pattern in customer behavior and calculates the probability that the pattern will occur again making it easy for the decision makers all types of business.

The key is balancing predictability and uncertainty. For marketing, this means they have to aim for the sweet spot halfway between two impossible extremes. Due to uncertainty, every decision is a compromise between complete unpredictability where everything is random, and absolute predictability.

  • Objective data from as many sources.
  • Predictions from the predictive analysis
  • Cost/Utility. 
  • Reinforced, targeted and more efficient
  • Using technology to take all the analytical insights you’ve gathered to scale the workflow

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One great example where machines are better than the humans is making decisions under uncertainty. Important personal and professional decisions are done by us, by gut feeling, and they will not be automated. But a retailer has many decisions to make that can be automated.


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