Our Direct Sales Campaigns

Our Customer 360 solutions reach your customers, no matter how big or small. From qualifying leads to closing deals and managing accounts, we guarantee to help you hit goals and produce revenue.

Business customers are mobile, connected, and more informed than ever. Build a team of fully-enabled inside sales professionals that have the tools and data science needed to drive sales and success for your brand. All with the methodology and coaching to adapt to the ever-evolving buyer journey.

Delivering Success Through Direct Sales Strategy and Planning:

  • Predict your ideal customers with proprietary data science.
  • Nurture and engage prospects and generate more sales discussions.
  • Drive revenue through highly focused inside sales teams.
  • Extend the long-term success and lifetime value of your customers.

We are the sales and marketing powerhouse working to be behind the most recognized brands and a proven resource for top retailers all across the world. We offer flexible services that maximize efficiency. We know consumers shop at different types of stores for different reasons. We specialize in penetrating new channels and growing businesses across the entire retail spectrum.


Data Acceleration

Cleanse and Validate — ensure data is accurate and accessible.

Predictive Profiling — identify ideal customers through data science.

Proprietary Database — view your customer's detailed digital footprint data.

Lead Qualification

Enriched Data — highly targeted and ready for outreach. 

Targeted Nurturing — high-value content set to the buyer journey. 

Smart Cadence — relevant and personalized 1:1 outreach at the right time

"A targeted sales nurturing program results in 50% more sales-ready discussions (Forrester) and 20% more sales opportunities (DemandGen Report) at 33% lower cost (Forrester)."

Customer Acquisition

Evolved Methodology — established and advanced sales processes. Smart Cadence — relevant and personalized 1:1 outreach at the right time. Prescriptive Coaching — steady and individualized coaching that drives results.

Account Management

Rapid Response Teams — Multi-touch and on-demand inbound support. Sales Engineers — Deep levels of technical and account knowledge. Integrated Outreach — Scalable, personalized contact that fosters loyalty

We design, implement, and deliver trans-formative customer experiences for many of the world’s most iconic, disruptive brands.

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